Memorex CD/DVD Nylon Wallet Black with Blue Piping, 48 Count 32020021682

Store your favorite movies, music and games in this attractive black case with Blue accents and a zipper closure. Nylon case with blue stitching and convenient zipper closure. Store your favorite movies, music and games. Transparent, double-sided sleeves for easy browsing. Scratch resistant, bump resistant protection.

Available in 48 count. Great for travel or general storage, this classic disc wallet includes transparent, double-sided sleeves for easy browsing. Enjoy the protection and convenience of the memory nylon CD and DVD 48 count wallet.

The Complete Novel - Outsiders, The

Outsiders, the - the complete novel Dbl DVDIn 1983, Francis Ford Coppola's film of S. E. A rousing new rock-n-roll soundtrack featuring six songs from Elvis Presley and other music greats make this new version of The Outsiders one of movie history's great rediscoveries. Shrink-wrapped. Decades later, coppola has revisited the film and reintegrated 22 minutes of character-enriching footage, including a new beginnning and ending more true to the book.

Hinton's novel struck a powerful chord with audiences, capturing the intense feelings of being caught between childhood and adulthood, and not belonging anywhere.

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